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Superior Pilots Services is a professional flying school which operates out of Grand Central Airport in Midrand, South Africa. We offer a variety of flight training courses, from the Private Pilots License to the Airline Transport Pilots License, specialising in personal training, we combine the latest techniques, methods and training aids to provide a level of training second to none.
We have experienced exponential growth in the last two years, which saw the establishing of the new Superior Academy located adjacent to Grand Central Airport. This will be the new home to two of the Superior Group’s latest ventures, one being the launch of our brand new state of the art Alsim simulator, approved to cater for everyone’s needs from Night Rating, Instrument Rating procedures through to re-currency training, Grade 1 and Grade 2 Instructor renewal, generic Jet renewals, MCC and GNSS courses.

The second exciting new development that will be housed here is the development of our new Aviation courses segment hosting an array of courses catering for the aviation industry from initial and refresher CRM, SEPT and Dangerous Goods to monthly sittings of IF Refresher , Garmin 1000 and Night Rating courses to name but a few, all being presented by top lecturers specialist in the Industry

Our instructors are monitored to ensure that our clients not only receive the minimum required to get issue a South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) license but also receive personal attention. With this in mind our take-on of students are limited. With a combination of part and full time instructors, including South African CAA examiners and other airline pilots, we have thousands of hours of flying experience. We use this experience to provide you, the student with the best possible flight training available.

Our flight training programs are based on international best practice, combining the best of the FAA, JAA and CAA standards. Our flight training courses are outcomes based and through continuous assessment and practical evaluation we can closely monitor every individuals performance and therefore ensure that the required standard will be maintained.
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